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Wok Master Menu & Price List Singapore 2023

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Check Below the Latest Wok Master Menu Prices In Singapore 2023:

Menu Price
Stay At Home Bundle
Bundle 1 (3~4pax)
1.Lala Bee Hoon 2.Granny’s Braised Pork Belly 3.Fragrant French Bean 4.Sizzling Chili Crayfish 5.Wok Master Special Beancurd
Bundle 2 ( 3~4pax)
1.Three Cup Chicken 2.Prok Belly with Red Beancurd 3.Fragrant French Beans 4.Savoury Crab Meat Seafood Broth 5. Salted Egg Sotong 6.Fried Shrimp Egg
Bundle 3 (3~4pax)
1.Fragrant French Beans 2.Handmade Prawn Roll 3.Signature Curry Fish Head 4.Golden Salted Egg Spare Ribs 5.Boxing Chicken
Family Sets
Crab Bundle (4 Pax)
Choice of Signature Chili Crab or Creamy Salted Egg Crab, Savoury Crab Meat Seafood Broth, Crispy Passion Fruit Prawn, Golden Tofu with Crab Meat, Yang Zhou Fried Rice, Mango Pomelo Sago.
Curry Fish Head Bundle (4 Pax)
Curry Fish Head, Tofu with Crispy Chye Poh, Royal 3 Eggs Spinach, Golden Salted Egg Spare Ribs, Egg Fried Rice.
Seafood Platter (2-4 Pax)
Crayfish, Mussels, Lala, Prawns, Baby Lobster and much more!
Set Meal (2 Pax)
Curry Fish Head, Tofu with Crispy Chye Poh, Fragrant French Beans, Egg Fried Rice
Crabs Crabs
Available in Curry, Chilli, Black Pepper, Creamy Salted Egg or Best Seller Crab BeeHoon
CR7. Buns
4 pcs
New Dim Sum Sets
Dim Sum Set For 2pax
Prawn Dumpling (Ha Kao), Siew Mai, Fried Prawn Dumpling, Beancurd Skin Rolls, Golden Salted Egg Spare Ribs, Royal Three Eggs Spinach, Egg Fried Rice
Dim Sum Set For 4pax
Prawn Dumpling (Ha Kao), Siew Mai, Fried Prawn Dumpling, Beancurd Skin Rolls, Golden Salted Egg Spare Ribs, Royal Three Eggs Spinach, Egg Fried Rice
Dim Sum Set For 6pax
Prawn Dumpling (Ha Kao), Siew Mai, Fried Prawn Dumpling, Beancurd Skin Rolls, Steamed Black Fungus Dumplings, Tom Yum Black Fungus Chicken, Granny’s Braised Pork Belly, Tofu with Crispy Chye Poh, Fragrant French Beans
Wok Master’s Premium Claypot
Chef recommended, popular dish. Superior claypot filled with fresh prawns, scallops, pacific clams, sea cucumber, fish slices, fish maw and broccoli. Braised in our special stock to perfection.
Crisped Skin Duck
Chef recommended, half peking duck cooked crispy and served with crepes, cucumbers, carrots and spring onions with dipping sauce Wok Master’s version of Peking Duck. A half duck cooked crispy and served with crepes, cucumbers, carrots and spring onions with or dipping sauce.
Braised Superior Chicken
Popular dish. Farm fresh chicken braised in a herbal superior stock with fish maw, black fungus, shiitake mushrooms and tofu.
Crispy Passion Fruit Prawn
Popular dish, deep-fried prawns in a light and crispy batter coated in a refreshing fruit mayonnaise.
Egg White with Crab Meat and Broccoli
Egg white, Broccoli, milk, fresh crab meat and fish roe.
Savoury Crab Meat Seafood Broth
Wholemeal seafood broth enriched with crab meat.
CR7. Bun
Golden Salted Egg Prawns
Fried shelled whole prawns coated with a salted egg yolk sauce with curry leaves and red chilli.
Spring Onions Fried Lala
Mild spicy. Hotplate lala fried with spring onions, ginger, chilli padi and onions.
Spring Onions Fried Lala
Mild spicy. Hotplate lala fried with spring onions, ginger, chilli padi and onions.
Special Chilli Fried Lala
Medium spicy. Hotplate lala fried with chilli sauce, ketchup, spring onions, egg and onions.
Crispy Cereal Prawn
Whole prawns deep fried in a crispy cereal batter.
Sizzling Chilli Crayfish
Medium spicy, popular dish. Fried whole crayfish and simmered with a sweet and spicy sauce, served in a hotplate.
Golden Salted Egg Sotong
Mild spicy. Deep-fried squid rings coated in a salted egg yolk sauce with curry leaves and red chilli.
Sizzling Sambal Sotong
Medium spicy. Hotplate squid rings in a spicy sambal sauce.
Dual Style Prawns
Crispy fried prawns evenly coated with salted egg sauce and wasabi sauce.
Homemade Yam Ring
Handmade Yam Ring deep fried and filled with cashew nuts, prawns, green, red peppers, mushrooms and carrots.
Signature Curry Fish Head
Half fish head braised in a rich curry gravy with fried bean curd puff, tomatoes, eggplant, lady’s fingers and long beans.
Assam Fish Head
Half fish head braised in a rich assam sauce with tomatoes, eggplant, lady’s fingers and long beans.
Crispy Sweet and Sour Fish
Sliced fish fried crispy tossed with a classic sweet and sour sauce.
Wok-fried Fish with Spring Onions
Wok-fried fresh fish slices with spring onions and ginger.
Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish
Whole fish delicately steamed with a soy sauce infused with ginger, spring onions and coriander.
Pine Nut Squirrel Fish
Chef recommended, whole seabass lightly battered and fried, topped with pine nuts and a piquant sauce.
Mongolian Chicken
Popular dish. Marinated chicken wok-fried and topped with a savoury brown sauce.
Claypot Gong Bao Chicken
Medium spicy. Chicken, cashew nuts, vegetables and dried chilli stir-fried in a spicy sauce, served in claypot.
Claypot Chicken with Spring Onions
Stir-fried chicken with spring onions and ginger in claypot.
Chicken with Almond Slices
Fresh chicken deboned and marinated, coupled with almond slices before frying till crispy.
Three Cup Chicken
Diced Chicken, small onion, basil leaves, ginger slices and fried to fragrant.
Signature Wok Master Braised Beef
A special blend of sauces used to braise beef chucks to bring out a myriad flavours.
Sizzling Beef with Spring Onions
Beef slices fried with spring onions, ginger and served on a sizzling hotplate.
Sizzling Black Pepper Beef
Sliced beef fried with a rich black pepper sauce and served on a sizzling hotplate.
Wok Master Honey Sambal Spare Ribs
Chef recommended, mild spicy. Pork spare ribs coated with Wok Master’s special honey sambal sauce.
Granny’s Braised Pork Belly
Popular dish. Traditionally-prepared red braised pork belly cooked till tender and served with bun.
Peppery Honey Spare Ribs
Fried pork spare ribs cooked with a special honey and pepper sauce.
Golden Salted Egg Spare Ribs
Pork spare ribs coated with a salted egg yolk sauce topped with curry leaves and chilli.
Jindu Style Ribs
Ribs with red millet with a traditional method of braising and topped with a slice of pineapple
Lychee Sweet and Sour Pork
A classic sweet and sour pork dish matched with lychee to add in a flavourful twist.
Homemade Beancurd
Golden Tofu with Crab Meat
Handmade tofu coupled with crab meat served with thick pumpkin and salted egg sauce.
Tofu with Crispy Chye Poh
Fried handmade tofu topped with crispy preserved radish (chye poh) and drizzled with a sweet sauce.
Wok Masters Special Beancurd
Homemade tofu with mayonnaise and topped with special crispy chicken floss.
Sizzling Hotplate Tofu
Fried tofu on sizzling hotplate with assorted seafood and a minced meat sauce.
Claypot Toufu
Tofu braised with mixed greens, carrots and assorted seafood served in claypot.
Homemade Tofu with Minced Meat
Homemade tofu matched with mushrooms, slated fish, minced meat topped with chopped kailan and chicken floss
Fried Shrimp Egg
Egg omelette fried with fresh whole shrimps.
Fried Egg Fuyong
Classic egg omelette fried with chicken char siew, crab sticks, shrimps, onions and spring onions
Fried Egg with Minced Meat
Egg omelette fried with minced pork.
Fried Chye Poh Egg
Egg omelette fried with pickled radish.
Royal Three Eggs Spinach
Spinach braised with three types of egg – salted egg, century egg and egg whites, in a light herbal sauce.
Sambal Kang Kong
Local favourite stir-fried water spinach in a sambal sauce.
Garlic Dou Miao
Pea shoots quickly wok-fried with fragrant garlic.
Bamboo Fungus Mushroom
Bamboo fungus slow boiled in a broth complemented with mushroom completes a crunchy and refreshing vegetable dish.
Fragrant French Beans
French beans fried and garnished with spicy chopped dried shrimps.
Clay Pot Eggplant
Eggplant braised in claypot with minced meat and salted fish in gravy.
Dried Scallop Broth with Baby Cabbage
Fresh baby cabbage with mushrooms and ham coupled with dried scallops broth.
Golden Mushroom Bean Curd
Stir fried golden mushroom, carrot, beans, cabbage with beancurd skin in claypot.
Dual Flavour Kai Lan with Chicken Floss
Deep fried kailan leaf, fried kailan with garlic, chicken floss on top.
Signature Claypot Curry Chicken
Chicken pieces and potatoes cooked in an aromatic Wok Master’s curry gravy served in claypot with a choice of either rice or noodles.
Seafood Fried Rice
Fluffy golden fried rice with fresh seafood.
Kampong Sambal Fried Rice
Local spicy and savoury fried rice with fish slices, sotong and prawn.
Salted Fish with Chicken Fried Rice
Wok-fried rice with salted fish and diced chicken.
Yang Zhou Fried Rice
Classic Yang Zhou – styled fried rice with egg, chicken char siew, crab stick bits, shrimp and mixed beans.
Sizzling Black Pepper Beef Rice
Sliced beef fried with onions, curry leaves, capsicum and carrots in a black pepper sauce. Served on a sizzling hot plate with rice.
Sizzling Gong Bao Chicken Rice
Stir-fried spicy chicken, cashew nuts, vegetables and dried chilli. Served on a sizzling hotplate with rice.
Sizzling Sweet and Sour Fish Rice
Stir-fried fish slices in a classic sweet and sour sauce. Served on a sizzling hotplate with rice.
Steamed Rice
Steamed Rice
Claypot XO Crayfish Tang Hoon XO
Chef recommended, popular dish. Glass noodles simmered in claypot in a rich herbal stock with fresh crayfish, enriched with an egg.
Lala Bee Hoon
Chef recommended, popular dish. Stir-fried bee hoon with lala, special soup, Chinese celery, onion, spring onions in claypot.
Claypot Beef Horfun
Popular dish. Broad rice noodles stir fried with tender beef slices served in claypot.
Signature Claypot Crayfish Laksa
Mild spicy, popular dish. Thick rice vermicelli simmered in claypot with spicy coconut broth, sliced fish cakes, fried bean curd and whole crayfish.
Cantonese Seafood ‘Sang Mee’
Crispy egg noodles on clay pot with a rich seafood sauce of prawns, fish and squid.
Claypot Seafood Horfun
Broad rice noodles with prawns, fish slices and squid, cooked in a rich stock served in claypot.
Dual Style La La Horfu
Chef recommended. Half deep-fried, half wok fried horfun together with Lala and chicken broth.
Claypot Hokkien Noodles
Egg noodles with prawns, sliced fish and sotong served in claypot.
Mushroom and Minced Meat Noodles
Chef recommended. Dry-fried noodles with minced pork and mushrooms with mixed vegetables on hotplate.
Kampong Seafood Mee Goreng
Popular dish, medium spicy. Malay styled stir-fried egg noodles with fresh coated in a seafood coated in a sweet and spicy tomato sauce on hotplate.
Finger Food
Handmade Prawn Roll
Chopped water chestnut, prawn meat, minced pork meat, carrot, Chinese celery and sotong paste, wrapped in fried beancurd skin.
Pork Belly with Red Beancurd
Fried belly of pork with fermented red beancurd.
Golden Salted Egg Pumpkin
Slices of pumpkin coated with a salted egg yolk paste and fried with curry leaves and chilli
Sweet Corn Salted Egg Chicken
Salted egg chicken coated with salted egg batter and mixed with crispy fried sweet corn.
Boxing Chicken
Chicken drumlets glazed in sweet and savoury sesame sauce.
Har Cheong Wings
Chicken wings marinated with shrimp paste and fried crispy.
Kids Meal
Macaroni with Ham and Mixed Peas
Macaroni pasta cooked in clear broth with sliced ham and mixed peas.
Panda Bear Fried Rice
Tomato fried rice with cheese and chocolate. Accompanied with fried chicken karaage, mixed vegetable salad and fruits.
Spaghetti, chicken bolognese sauce and mushroom.
Mango Pomelo Sago
Diced mango and fresh pomelo in a chilled mango soup.
Lychee Mojito S$5.28
Passion Peach Tea S$5.28
Sky Blue Tropical S$5.28
Summer Berry Ice Tea S$5.28
Kopi O S$2.64
Kopi S$2.86
Kopi C S$3.08
Milo S$3.30
Teh O S$2.64
Teh S$2.86
Teh C S$3.08
Kopi and Teh S$3.30
Jasmine Chinese Tea S$1.32
Brewed Lemon Tea S$3.08
Honey Lemon S$3.52
Honey Yuzu Tea S$3.52
Homemade Lime and Plum S$3.85
Fanta Orange S$2.75
Sprite S$2.75
Coke S$2.75
Green Tea S$2.75
Mineral Water S$1.98
Warm Water S$0.55
Heineiken Beer S$9.35
Tiger Beer S$9.35
Blooming Jasmine Tea S$4.18
Blooming Globosa Tea S$4.18

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