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Tokyo Shokudo Menu Prices Singapore 2023

If you are searching for Tokyo Shokudo Menu Singapore, your search is over because you are now at the right place. We have compiled a fantastic collection of menus with prices for you to browse through and enjoy.

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We have your next big meal! There is a Tokyo Shokudo Menu Prices list.

Check Below the Latest Tokyo Shokudo Menu Prices Singapore 2023:


Tokyo Shokudu Menu – Original Ramen


Chicken Chashu Ramen – 2 pcs SGD 11.50
Chicken Chashu Ramen – 4 pcs SGD 15.00
Beef Shabu Ramen SGD 17.50
Beef Suki Ramen SGD 17.50
Scallop Ramen SGD 17.50
Duck Ramen – 3 pcs meat SGD 11.50
Duck Ramen – 5 pcs meat SGD 15.00
Seafood Ramen SGD 18.50
Asari Ramen SGD 17.50
Corn Chicken Chashu Ramen SGD 13.00
Corn Duck Ramen SGD 13.00
Chicken Drumstick Ramen SGD 19.50
Chilli Crayfish Ramen SGD 21.00

Tokyo Shokudo Singapore Menu – Yuzu Ramen


Original Yuzu Ramen SGD 13.00
Chicken 4pc Cha Shu Yuzu Ramen SGD 16.00
Seafood Yuzu Ramen SGD 19.50
Scallop Yuzu Ramen SGD 18.50
Asari Yuzu Ramen SGD 18.50
Aburi Chicken Drumstick Yuzu Ramen SGD 21.00

Spicy Ramen Menu – Tokyo Shokudo Singapore


Chicken Cha Shu Spicy Ramen SGD 14.00
Beef Shabu Spicy Ramen SGD 17.50
Scallop Spicy Ramen SGD 17.50
Seafood Spicy Ramen SGD 18.50
Asari Spicy Ramen SGD 17.50
Spicy Duck Ramen SGD 15.00
Chicken Drumstick Spicy Ramen SGD 19.50

Tokyo Shokudo – Tom Yam Ramen


Chicken Chashu Tomyam Ramen SGD 13.00
Seafood Tomyam Ramen SGD 22.00
Scallop Tomyam Ramen SGD 18.50
Asari Tomyam Ramen SGD 18.50

Tokyo Shokudo – Tendon


Signature Tendon SGD 17.50
Ebi Tendon SGD 19.50
Ebi Tempura & Beef Shabu Don SGD 16.00
Ebi Tempura & Tartar Fried Chicken Don SGD 16.00
Mixed Tempura Rice Set SGD 17.50
Gyu Don SGD 15.00

Tokyo Shokudo A La Carte Menu


Chicken Gyoza SGD 7.00
Chicken Gyoza with Okonomiyaki Sauce SGD 8.00
Fried Chicken SGD 7.00
Mixed Tempura SGD 15.00
Takoyaki SGD 7.00
Chuka Wakame SGD 7.00
Baby Octopus SGD 8.00
Cuttlefish SGD 9.50
Shishamo Tempura SGD 8.00

Tokyo Shokudo Singapore – Rice Sets


Salmon Teriyaki Rice Set SGD 19.50
Mixed Tempura Rice Set SGD 18.50
Ebi Tempura Rice Set SGD 21.50

Drinks Menu


Coke SGD 3.50
Sprite SGD 3.50
Ice Lemon Tea SGD 3.50
Houji Tea – Hot or Cold SGD 2.50
Lychee Lemon Tea SGD 7.00
Lychee Lemon Mint Tea SGD 8.00
Ice Milo SGD 4.50
Milo Dinosaur SGD 6.00
Homemade Panna Cotta SGD 6.00

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