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Lai Kee Dim Sum Menu Price List Singapore 2022

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Check Below the Latest Lai Kee Dim Sum Menu Prices In Singapore 2022:

Menu Price
Dim Sum
Siew Mai Dim Sum S$2.80
Har Kaw Dim Sum S$3.00
Pork Ribs Dim Sum S$3.50
Chicken Feet Dim Sum S$3.50
Crystal Chive Dim Sum S$3.00
Seafood Siew Mai Dim Sum S$4.50
Crab Pincer Dim Sum S$2.80
Tau Pok Dim Sum S$2.80
Beancurd Skin Roll Dim Sum S$2.80
Century Egg Dim Sum S$2.80
Phoenix Prawn Dim Sum S$2.80
Emerald Prawn Dim Sum S$3.20
Seaweed Prawn Dim Sum S$3.20
Mushroom Prawn Dim Sum S$2.80
Seafood Tofu Prawn Dim Sum S$3.00
Dried Scallop Dim Sum S$3.20
Crab Meatball Dim Sum S$3.20
Mushroom Dumpling Dim Sum S$3.20
Unagi Dumpling Dim Sum S$3.50
Homemade Otah Dim Sum S$3.50
Salted Egg Dumpling Dim Sum S$3.00
Sour Sauce Beancurd Skin S$2.80
Seafood Fish Maw S$3.00
Rice Dishes
Chicken Mushroom Rice S$4.80
Pork Ribs Rice S$4.80
Chicken Feet Rice S$4.80
Salted Fish Minced Pork Rice S$4.80
Glutinous Rice Chicken S$2.40
Lotus Leaf Rice S$4.00
Ji Wo Pau S$4.80
Century Egg Porridge S$3.00
Chee Cheong Fun S$2.20
Chee Cheong Fun (Char Siew) S$2.80
Chee Cheong Fun (Prawn) S$3.50
Egg Tart S$2.80
Lotus Paste Pau S$0.90
Bean Paste Pau S$0.90
Coffee Pau S$1.00
Jade Pau S$1.00
Corn Pau S$1.10
Shou Tao S$1.10
Yam Pau S$1.10
Char Siew Pau S$1.20
Small Chicken Pau S$1.20
Vegetable Pau S$1.00
Braised Meat Pau S$1.60
Big Pork Pau S$2.20
Big Pork Pau S$2.20
Cream Custard Pau S$4.20
Spring Roll S$3.30
Carrot Cake S$2.40
Taro Cake S$2.40
Prawn Dumpling S$3.60
Beancurd Prawn S$4.80
Ngoh Hiang S$3.30

Lai Kee Dim Sum Outlets & Addresses:

Lai Kee Dim Sum (Toa Payoh)

126 Lor 1 Toa Payoh, Block 126, Singapore 310126

Telephone # +65 8731 3488

Google Map Direction

Opening Hours:

Daily: 6am – 9pm

Lai Kee Dim Sum Menu: Order at Foodpanda Website


Lai Kee Dim Sum

Lor Lew Lian, Block 2, Singapore 531002

Google Map Direction

Opening Hours:

Daily: 8am – 10pm

Lai Kee Dim Sum Menu: Order at Foodpanda Website


Lai Kee 来记包点点心

39 Sin Ming Dr, Singapore 575713

Google Map Direction

Opening Hours:

(Tuesday – Thursday – Monday) 11am – 10pm

(Wednesday – Friday – Saturday – Sunday) 10am – 9:30pm


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