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Ice Lab Menu Price List Singapore 2022

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Check Below the Latest Ice Lab Menu Prices In Singapore 2022:

Menu Price
Honey Bread S$9.50
Chocolate Melt S$6.50
Baked Cheesecake S$6.50
Injeolmi Bingsu S$19.00
Milk Bingsu S$15.00
Oreo Bingsu S$16.00
Lemon Bingsu S$17.00
Green Grape Bingsu S$17.00
Green Tea Bingsu S$18.00
Mango Bingsu S$18.00
Cheese Bingsu S$19.00
Yoghurt Bingsu S$19.00
Milk Tea Bingsu S$19.00
Watermelon Bingsu S$19.00
Chocolate Bingsu S$19.50
Strawberry Bingsu S$19.50
Coffee Bingsu S$19.50
Apple Mango Bingsu S$19.50
Korean Traditional Red Bean Bingsu S$19.50
Cup Bingsu
Injeolmi Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Milk Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Oreo Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Lemon Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Green Grape Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Green Tea Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Mango Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Cheese Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Yoghurt Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Milk Tea Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Watermelon Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Chocolate Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Strawberry Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Coffee Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Apple Mango Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Korean Traditional Red Bean Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Milk Snowshake S$7.00
Injeolmi Snowshake S$7.50
Cereal Snowshake S$7.50
Oreo Snowshake S$8.00
Yoghurt Snowshake S$8.00
Coconut Snowshake S$8.00
Milk Tea Snowshake S$8.50
Strawberry Snowshake S$8.50
Chocolate Snowshake S$8.50
Mango Yoghurt Snowshake S$8.50
Blueberry Yoghurt Snowshake S$8.50
Vanilla Snowshake S$8.50
Mango Snowshake S$8.50
Mango Coconut Snowshake S$9.00
Java Chip Snowshake S$9.00
Mint Chocolate Snowshake S$9.00
Coffee Snowshake S$9.00
Chocolate Latte S$5.50
Green Tea Latte S$5.50
Injeolmi Latte S$6.00
Cereal Latte S$6.00
Milk Tea Latte S$6.00
Taro Latte S$6.00
Hojicha Latte S$6.00
Sweet Potato Latte S$6.00
Earl Grey Latte S$6.00
Mint Chocolate Latte S$6.50
Ade (Can mix up to 3 flavours) S$7.50
Americano S$5.50
Cafe Latte S$6.50
Cafe Mocha S$7.00
Caramel Cafe Mocha S$7.00
White Mocha S$7.00
Cappuccino (Cinnamon powder on top) S$6.50
Caramel Macchiato (Caramel sauce on top) S$7.00
Vanilla Latte S$7.00
Coconut Latte S$7.50
Fruit Tea S$5.50
Chamomile Tea S$5.50
Peppermint Tea S$5.50
Green Tea S$5.50
Jasmine Tea S$5.50
Earl Grey Tea S$5.50
Darjeeling Tea S$5.50
English Breakfast Tea S$5.50
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Address :

164 Rochor Rd, Bugis Village, Singapore 188439

Phone # +65 6977 9665

Email: [email protected]

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