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Hankki Menu Price List Singapore 2023

If you are searching for Hankki Menu, your search is over because you are now at the right place. We have compiled a fantastic collection of menus with prices for you to browse through and enjoy.

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We have your next big meal! There is an Hankki Menu Price list.

Check Below the Latest Hankki Menu Prices In Singapore 2023:

Menu Price
La Carte
Jab Chae S$10.90
Tteokbokki S$10.90
Seafood Pancake S$16.90
Kimchi Pancake S$13.90
Fried Dumplings S$9.90
Marinated Grilled Beef Short Ribs S$22.90
Marinated Grilled Pork Collar S$17.90
Grilled Pork Belly S$17.90
Beef Bulgogi S$14.90
Pork Bulgogi S$13.90
Stir-fried Spicy Pork S$13.90
Grilled Mackerel Fish S$12.90
Stew & Soup
Kimchi Stew with Pork S$14.90
Soybean Paste Beef Stew S$14.90
Soybean Paste Seafood Stew S$14.90
Spicy Tofu Stew with Seafood S$14.90
Army Stew S$17.90
Ginseng Chicken Soup S$29.90
Rice & Noodles S$Start
Stew & Soup
Bibimbap S$10.90
Kimchi Fried Rice with Pork S$12.90
Ramyeon with Kimchi & Pork Belly (Spicy) S$12.90
Ramyeon with Seafood S$12.90
Ramyeon with Rice Cake & Dumplings S$12.90
Steamed Egg S$7.90
Tuna Mayo Rice Balls (2 Pcs) S$7.90
White Rice S$2.00
Non Alcoholic Beverages
Sikhye S$4.90
Ayataka S$3.00
Iced Lemon Tea S$3.00
Iced Green Tea S$3.00
Coke S$3.00
Coke Light S$3.00
Sprite S$3.00
Mineral Water S$2.00
Alcoholic Beverages
Original Soju S$19.90
Green Grape Soju S$19.90
Plum Soju S$19.90
Beer 500ml S$11.90


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