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Handlebar Menu Price List Singapore 2022

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We have your next big meal! There is a Handlebar Menu Price list.

Check Below the Latest Handlebar Menu Prices In Singapore 2022:

Menu Price
Roadside Green
Caesar Salad S$14.12
Arugula Salad S$14.12
Garden Salad S$11.80
Homemade Pizza
Margherita Pizza S$11.80
Pepperoni Pizza S$14.12
Smoked Pork with Jalapeno Pizza S$16.48
Sausage Platter S$23.54
Cocaine Wings S$16.48
Mac & Cheese S$15.30
Murderous Chili S$14.12
Bad Attitude Stuffed Jalapeno S$11.80
Guacamole with Baguette S$11.80
Broccoli Frito S$8.24
Cauliflower Frito S$8.24
Nachos S$8.24
Cheese Nachos S$11.77
Chili Cheese Nachos S$16.48
Biker Eats
FTW Ribeye 350gm S$61.20
1%er Tenderloin 200gm S$47.08
Satan’s Beef Short Ribs S$42.37
Righteous Pork Ribs S$37.66
Silence of the Lamb S$42.37
Grilled Jumbo King Prawns S$32.96
Slap Yo Momma Pork Chop S$28.25
Southern Country Chicken Steak S$21.19
Double Cheese Burger S$27.07
Cheese Burger S$18.83
Vegetarian Portobello Mushroom Burger S$21.19
Grilled Chicken Burger S$16.48
Fish Burger S$16.48
Bangers & Mash S$24.72
Fish & Chips S$20.00
Outlaw Chicken Gumbo S$17.66
Horsepower Beef Stew S$18.83
Jumbo Hot Dog S$16.48
Non Alcoholic Beverages
Orangina S$8.00
Still Water S$5.00
Sparkling Water S$5.00
Asahi S$12.95
Budweiser S$12.95
Corona S$12.95
Spitfire S$17.66
San Miguel Lite S$11.77
Fruli Strawberry S$12.95
Kilkenny S$14.12
Housepour Wines
Montes Cabernet Sauvignon S$56.50
Montes Sauvignon Blanc S$56.50
Prosecco S$58.85

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12pm, 11:30pm
12pm, 11:30pm
12pm, 11:30pm
12pm, 11:30pm
12pm, 11:30pm


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