Croissants Recipe

Easy Croissants Recipe | How to make Croissants?

Before jumping into the detailed croissants recipe, let me give you all a short introduction to the croissants recipe. Basically, croissants originated in Austria in various sizes and shapes. But later on, it became french with little innovation like puffiness(as pastry) and layering. It’s a fantastic buttery and flaky pastry(you can say) prepared with flour dough.

Now, I am going to share with you guys How to make croissants recipe with perfection. Here are the ingredients that you need to make perfect croissants.

Croissants Recipe


  • All-purpose flour (500 g)
  • Salt (12 g)
  • Yeast (12 g)
  • Sugar (55-60 g)
  • Warm water (150 ml)
  • Warm milk (100 ml)
  • Egg ( 1 for covering croissants)
  • Butter (350 g)

Note: the quantity of each and every ingredient should be as same as mentioned above for achieving the desired results. Making it requires a lot of patience and rolling but trust the process. You will surely love the recipe. You can make 12 croissants from this quantity.

Step 1- Bloom the yeast:

Firstly, rising the dough is impossible without adding yeast. Secondly, yeast is part and parcel of making croissants. Now, get your warm water and check it with your finger( water should not that freaking hot). Add a little sugar into the pot and along with it add dry yeast. Mix it with a spoon leave it for like 10 minutes and let your yeast activate and go to your next step.

Step 2- Dough preparation:

Making the dough is not as simple as it seems. There are some tricks and points to ponder. Pour the all-purpose flour into a broad bowl and add sugar and salt. Mix them well and make some space in the center. Now add the activated yeast to that center and some warm milk as well.

Start mixing the dough gently with your hands in a circular motion. Add 100 g of butter to the dough mixture when the flour is moist. Keep mixing gently until the dough stops sticking to a bowl. Now transfer the dough to a plain surface and keep kneading the dough until it becomes smooth. once it’s kneaded, give your dough the shape of a rectangle and cover it with plastic wrap. Rest the dough in the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours( you can also rest it for a night)

Step 3- Prepare the butter:

Take out the rest 250 g of butter from your fridge. Get parchment paper, set it on the surface, and put the butter over the center of the parchment paper. Using a rolling pin, spread the butter and make a rectangular shape of butter. Then fold the parchment paper around the butter and rest it in the fridge.

Step 4- Laminate the dough:

Get the dough out of the fridge and rest it for 10 minutes before you start rolling. Now, spread some flour on the table surface. Start rolling the dough until it becomes twice bigger as the prepared butter.

Put your butter(rectangle-shaped) on the dough and lock the butter among the flour dough. Roll the dough and butter together. Seal both sides of the dough and lock it everywhere. Fold the upper edge to get one-third of the rectangle and fold the lower edge to have two thirds. Roll the dough a little more in connecting points. Rest the buttered dough for like 1 hour again.

Now, it’s time to cut croissants. The fine layer of dough must be

  • 4-5mm thin
  • 28-30cm wide
  • 65-68cm long

Step 5- Baking Croissants:

when you transfer your croissants to a baking sheet, cover them with plastic wrap lightly. Preheat oven to 200C, get an edge, beat it, and brush the croissants with egg mixture to get a gold and crispy surface.

Bake croissants for 10 minutes. After that minimize the temperature to 185C and again bake them for like 12 minutes.

Put them out of the oven, and rest them on a baking sheet. Your crispy, flaky and buttery croissants recipe is ready. Serve and enjoy!

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