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Cafe O Menu & Price List Singapore 2023

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We have your next big meal! There is a Cafe O Menu Price list.

Check Below the Latest Cafe O Menu Prices In Singapore 2023:

Menu Price
Chef’s Special
Ayam Penyet S$9.50
Combo Meals
Nasi Lemak & Noodles Combo S$17.00
Nasi Briyani & Noodles Combo S$19.30
Nasi Lemak & Nasi Briyani Combo S$19.30
Value Meals
Laksa Meal S$8.00
Chicken Murtabak Meal S$10.80
Mutton Murtabak Value Meal S$11.50
Nasi Lemak Value Meal S$9.80
Briyani Value Meal S$11.80
Chicken Curry Prata Value Meal S$13.50
Mutton Curry Prata Value Meal S$14.15
Roti Prata & Murtabak
Plain Prata 2 Pcs S$4.30
Egg Prata S$2.80
Onion Prata S$2.80
Onion & Egg Prata S$3.80
Cheese Prata S$4.00
Cheese & Egg Prata S$5.00
Chicken Curry & 2 Plain Prata S$8.80
Mutton Curry & 2 Plain Prata S$9.80
Chicken Murtabak S$8.30
Mutton Murtabak S$9.00
Light & Easy
Kaya Toast S$3.00
Putu Mayam Set S$5.80
Fried Chicken Wing 6 Pcs S$11.90
Nasi Lemak
Chicken O S$7.30
Chicken Fish S$7.30
Fish O S$7.30
Sausage, fish & otah (SFO) S$7.30
Chicken wing, fish & otah (CFO) S$8.30
Nasi Briyani
Chicken Briyani S$9.50
Mutton Briyani S$10.00
Mee & Lontong
Dry Mee Siam S$6.80
Mee Siam with Gravy S$6.80
Mee Rebus S$6.80
Lontong S$6.80
Laksa S$7.28
Kopi O S$2.89
Teh O S$2.89
Kopi S$3.21
Teh S$3.21
Kopi C S$3.00
Teh C S$3.00
Yuan Yang S$3.00
Teh Tarik S$3.75
Teh Halia S$3.53
Chinese Tea S$3.00
Milo S$3.75
Iced Milo Dino S$4.60
Iced Bandung S$4.07
Iced Lemon Tea S$4.07
Iced Calamansi S$4.07
Iced Mineral Water S$3.00


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Cafe O Outlets | Cafe O Locations :


Cafe O Raffles Holland V Mall

118 Holland Ave, Singapore 278973

Phone: +65 6262 3052

Google Map Direction

Opening Hours:

Mon To Sun: 07.30am – 08.00pm

Cafe O Menu: Order at Foodpanda Website


Cafe O IMM

2 Jurong East Street 21, #01-101, Singapore 609601

Phone: +65 6899 1181

Google Map Direction

Opening Hours:

Mon To Sun: 08.30am – 09.00pm

Cafe O Menu: Order at Foodpanda Website


You Can Visit Cafe O Singapore Official Website

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Cafe O Singapore Facebook Page

Cafe O Singapore Instagram Page

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