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Badam Restaurant Menu Price List Singapore 2023

Badam Restaurant is a small family-run restaurant in Singapore. It has been over 3 generations, and the restaurant is still going strong today. In this blog, we will discuss the different dishes on the Badam restaurant menu and why it has been such an outstanding Singapore restaurant.

This post defines the menu of Badam restaurants in Singapore. It’s a restaurant that provides Korean food. The restaurant is based in Singapore.

Badam is a Korean restaurant whose specialties are sashimi and seafood dishes. They have a broad range of menu items, ranging from their signature Badam (Korean Sashimi) to their attractive spicy crab.

We have your next big meal! There is a Badam Restaurant Menu list. Our menu is updated frequently, so check back often to see the latest prices. Below is the latest Badam Restaurant Menu price list in Singapore 2023.

Check the Latest Badam Restaurant Menu Prices In Singapore 2023:

Menu Price
Korean Halibut Set
Korean Halibut Set (Large) S$250
Korean Halibut Set (Medium) S$200.00
Korean Halibut Set (Small) S$150.00
Badam Set (Assorted Sashimi)
Badam Set (Large) S$250.00
Badam Set (Medium) S$200.00
Badam Set (Small) S$150.00
Sashimi Set
Black Sea Bream Sashimi set S$200.00
Rockfish Sashimi Set S$150.00
Flounder Sashimi Set S$150.00
Ala Carte
Raw Sashimi & Seafood Soup with Somen S$70.00
Live Abalone S$60.00
Live Octopus S$50.00
Live Sea Squirt S$50.00
Live Spoon Worm S$50.00
Grilled Cheese Half-Shell Scallop S$50.00
Soy-Souce Marinated Crab S$50.00
Soy-Souce Marinated Shrimp S$50.00
Clam Mussel Stew S$40.00
Spicy Fish Stew S$30.00
Steamed Clams with Rice Wine S$30.00
Grilled Eel (Unagi) over rice S$25.00
Soju Set
Somaek Set 1 (1 Soju + 1 Beer) S$30.00
Somaek Set 2 (2 Soju + 4 Beer) S$85.00
Somaek Set 3 (3 Soju + 6 Beer) S$120.00
Milkis Set (1 Soju + 4 Milkis) S$25.00
Tonic Water Set (1 Soju + 4 Tonic water) S$25.00
Alcoholic Beverage
Whiskey S$188.00
Bokbunja (Black RaspberryWine) S$28.00
Makgeolli (Rice Wine) S$25.00
Chung Ha (Rice Wine – Clear) S$20.00
Jinro Is Back S$18.00
Chamisul S$18.00
Green Grape Soju S$18.00
Grapefruit Soju S$18.00
Cass Beer S$14.00
Terra Beer S$14.00
Grape Bong Bong S$13.00
Peach Bong Bong S$3.00
Green Plum S$3.00
Milkis S$3.00
Tonic Water S$3.00
7 Up S$3.00
Coca Cola S$3.00
Coca Cola Zero S$3.00
Vita 500 S$2.00

Opening Hours Badam: Korean Sashimi & Seafood Restaurant

3:00pm ~ 11pm (Last order: 9:30pm)
3:00pm ~ 11pm (Last order: 9:30pm)
3:00pm ~ 11pm (Last order: 9:30pm)
3:00pm ~ 11pm (Last order: 9:30pm)
3:00pm ~ 11pm (Last order: 9:30pm)
3:00pm ~ 11pm (Last order: 9:30pm)

Address :

22 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088445

Telephone # +65-8189-1538

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You Can Visit Badam Restaurant Singapore Official Website

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