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ABC Restaurant Menu & Price List Singapore 2023

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Check Below the Latest ABC Restaurant Menu Prices In Singapore 2023:

Menu Price
Plain Dosai S$2.70
Egg Dosai S$3.40
Masala Dosai S$4.10
Egg Masala Dosai S$4.70
Onion Dosai S$3.20
Egg Onion Dosai S$4.00
Paper Dosai S$4.00
Cheese Dosai S$4.00
Cheese Egg Dosai S$4.70
Ghee Dosai S$4.00
Ghee Roast S$5.50
Dosai Milk S$3.60
Dosai Milo S$3.60
Dosai with Chicken S$8.10
Dosai with Mutton S$9.40
Dosai with Fish S$8.10
Dosai with Sardine S$8.10
Butter Dosai S$3.60
Butter Egg Dosai S$4.30
Plain Prata 2 Pcs S$3.70
Egg Prata S$2.80
Onion Prata S$2.50
Egg Onion Prata S$3.30
Cheese Prata S$3.30
Cheese Egg Prata S$4.10
Mushroom Prata S$3.20
Cheese Mushroom Prata S$4.50
Mushroom Egg Prata S$4.00
Sausage Prata S$3.30
Sausage Banana Prata S$5.00
Horlicks Prata S$3.40
Tower Prata with Honey S$6.20
Tower Prata with Milk S$6.20
Tower Prata S$5.50
Milo Prata S$3.40
Milo with Milk Prata S$4.90
Milk Prata S$3.40
Banana Prata S$3.70
Cheese Banana Prata S$5.00
Prata Boom S$4.50
Coin Prata 6 Pcs S$6.60
Butter Prata S$3.30
Honey Prata S$3.30
Chocolate Prata S$3.30
Strawberry Prata S$2.90
Lychee Prata S$3.30
Longan Prata S$3.30
Kothu Prata S$6.80
Kothu Prata with Chicken S$10.10
Kothu Prata with Mutton S$10.10
Prata Sausage Special S$7.50
Roti John
Chicken with Cheese S$8.80
Mutton with Cheese S$8.80
Sardine with Cheese S$8.80
Sardine Murtabak S$10.70
Mutton Murtabak S$10.70
Chicken Murtabak S$10.70
Mee Goreng Combo S$15.70
Bee Hoon Goreng Combo S$15.70
Kuey Teow Goreng Combo S$15.70
Nasi Goreng Combo S$15.70
Maggi Goreng Combo S$15.70
Roti Goreng Combo S$15.70
Tulang Combo S$19.80
Mee Goreng S$6.20
Bee Hoon Goreng S$6.20
Kuey Teow Goreng S$6.20
Nasi Goreng S$6.20
Maggi Goreng S$6.20
Maggi Goreng Double S$8.10
Fish Briyani S$9.40
Mutton Meal S$10.10
Fish Meal S$8.80
Soups & Chops
Mutton Chop S$10.10
Chicken Chop S$10.10
Mutton Soup S$6.80
Tulang Mixed Mutton Soup S$10.10
Tulang Soup S$7.50
Mee Kuah S$6.80
Omelette S$4.20
Bread S$2.30
Maggi Soup S$6.80
Tulang Merah S$10.60
Mutton S$10.10
Chicken S$10.10
Western Chicken Chop S$14.50
Chicken Cutlet S$14.50
Beef Steak S$17.10
Fish & Chips S$13.20
Popcorn Chicken 10 Pcs S$9.30
Chicken Nugget 6 Pcs S$9.30
Chicken Burger S$6.80
Fish Burger S$6.80
Beef Burger S$6.80
Teh O S$1.70
Teh S$2.00
Teh O Halia S$2.00
Teh Halia Hot S$2.30
Kopi O S$1.70
Kopi S$2.00
Kopi O Halia Hot S$2.00
Kopi Halia Hot S$2.30
Teh C S$2.00
Kopi C Hot S$2.00
Nescafe C Hot S$2.00
Bru C Hot S$2.30
Nelso Hot S$2.40
Nescafe Hot S$2.30
Teh C Ginger Hot S$2.30
Kopi C Ginger Hot S$2.30
Teh C Kosong S$2.10
Kopi C Kosong Hot S$2.10
Milo Kosong S$2.10
Milo S$2.50
Milo C Hot S$2.30
Horlicks Kosong S$2.50
Horlicks Hot S$2.10
Bru C Kosong Hot S$2.10
Teh O Lemon Hot S$2.30
Susu Halia Hot S$1.70
Susu Hot S$2.00
Limau S$1.90
Milo Cino Hot S$3.20
Teh Cino S$2.90
Kopi Cino S$2.90
Chem Tea mixed coffee S$2.50
Teh O Ginger S$3.00
Teh Ginger S$3.30
Kopi Ginger C S$3.30
Lemon Juic S$3.60
Milo Dinosaur S$5.40
Milo Cine S$4.20
Horlicks Dinosaur S$5.50

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14 Scotts Rd, #01-23 Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213

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